Partner Projects

Partner Projects is the art and illustration studio of Cape Cod artist, Tim Ellis Cole.  "Partner" eludes to a partnership with the perpetual inspiration of environment on creative process and perspective.  This includes everything from natural to manmade, human to animal, sight, sound and smell.  The work is reflective of a culmination of environmental experience up until the present moment.  Influences span from skateboard culture to many folk art traditions, especially in the patterns and reoccurring forms of illustrative work.  

Tim grew up in the NJ suburbs of New York and first got work out in notebook doodles, local punk rock flyers and on skateboards and apparel for a local brand.  After studying art in Northern New Mexico, Tim moved to Vermont and met his wife Jennie.  After a pretty thorough tour of New England, they now live with their son, Mackinac, in Monument Beach, MA.  Here, Tim screen prints various illustrative series on paper and apparel, provides illustrative services for businesses and personal commissions.