Bracelet {Bonnie}

$ 55.00

Brand: Kara Ryan

The Bonnie Bracelet is a brass cuff, forged by hand + heart, on Cape Cod, MA. Named to honor the independent spirit, and timeless style of their very first customer + biggest fan (aka: mom), these bracelets transcend seasons + fads, and get better with wear. In time, they'll develop a deep golden hue (think ancient Egyptian gold), and a smooth weathered finish (think beach glass). No need to take them off... wear them in the shower, the ocean, and all points between.

If your bracelets get tarnished from non-wear, a quick scrub with some brass polish, or toothpaste (not the gel kind...) will get them back to ship shape.

The bracelets are fully adjustable...wear them loose and jingly, or fitted close to the wrist.

Each bracelet is unique, each one sold separately.