Pinch Pot

$ 16.00

Brand: Jobi Pottery

Ceramic pinch pot: think a "pinch of salt or sugar." Vintage shape and design. 

Jobi™ Pottery is a Truro cottage industry that began in 1953 by original owners Joe Colliano and Bill Hastings (“Jo-bi”).  Today, owner/designer Susan Kurtzman still uses the original mid-century casting molds to create Jobi Pottery in her Truro studio.

Every piece of pottery and pottery dinnerware is handmade and hand painted using the same methods the Jobis created.  The retro look of our pottery shapes and designs can be traced back to Cape Cod-inspired work by Joe and Bill, but we’ve also added new colors and motifs to compliment the originals

Today Jobi Pottery is committed to keeping it local and keeping the Jobi style alive. Each piece is individually crafted, hand painted, and fired in our studio only a few miles from the original Jobi shop. Jobi Pottery has long been a collectible for those who travel to the Outer Cape and is also finding new popularity with those who are drawn to its retro look and everyday practicality. 

Each one of our pieces is individually hand made and hand painted. The item that you order may vary slightly in color and design from the item pictured on our website because they are NOT mass produced or manufactured.