Soy Candles

$ 20.00

Brand: Little Beach Gallery

Hand poured locally on Cape Cod by Cape Cod Soy Candle. Custom scents for the Little Beach Gallery. Candles come in adorable mason jars with vintage-style diffuser lid. Burn (clean!) for over 70 hours.

Summer scents:

Beach Day: Coconut+Pineapple (think ice cream cones + suntan lotion... a true BEACH DAY scent!)
Lemon Lavender: Summery Lavender blossoms with the zest of lemon
Summer Hydrangea: Cape Cod Blue Hydrangea
Ocean Mist: Fresh+clean ocean air

Fall Scents:

Pomegranate Cider: the welcoming Autumn aroma of apple cider with a twist of pomegranate, hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.
Harvest Sunset: Pleasant scent of fresh fallen leaves

Holiday Scents:

Perfect Pine: quintessential evergreen scent/freshly cut Christmas tree
Seaside Holiday: Citrus, cranberry, cinnamon sticks and clove
Off Season: Vanilla Peppermint with hints of pine
Christmas Cottage: comforting aromas of home /cozy blend of warm spices, vanilla, baked apple pies